PEANUT GALLERY COMICS is the dynamic duo of Duluth, MN: Richard Scott and Jason Johnson.

Richard writes and draws several cartoon strips, including Lucifer for Congress and After Life, that have appeared in various alternative newspapers since 2003. He has been doing stand-up comedy since 2006 (and is basically OK for the amateur circuit). He’s also released several musical albums under the banner of Peanut Gallery Music. (Find the links on our Links page! All of it’s free, you bastards!) Richard has written two books, but the only one he publicly acknowledges is I’m an Idiot, You’re an Idiot, and you should really buy it, cuz it’s a classic. Funniest shit since the Bible.

Jason is an alternative newspaper columnist who has written for the Duluth-based publications Reader WeeklyThe CheerleaderZenith News, The Duluth Budgeteer, and now in the Duluth publications Western Weekly and Eastern Observer. His books include You Make a Good Point…Bonehead! (2007), Here’s Another Damn Book That No One Will Read (2011), and I Sure Hope This Book Gets Me Laid (2016). There is literally nothing else you need to know about him.