New News for February 2018!

Item! So…’twould appear that our cartoons are back in their original home, the READER WEEKLY in Duluth, MN. Item! Work has begun on the very first PEANUT GALLERY COMICS film! That is, we’ve finally found a place to film it. And Richard found a few props. Item! Coming soon…the first LUCIFER FOR CONGRESS ANTHOLOGY! Release …


News July 2017

Only real news to share is something obvious to anyone who follows “Fool’s Paradise”: In order to give Klocke time to eat and sleep and perhaps shower and breathe, we’ve switched to a B&W, 4-panel format for the near future. More 8-panels are coming, but only after Klocke spends less time knitting. ¬†Adelante!

News for May, 2017

New ditty by Richard Scott, the a capella “Swing.” Download it free on Soundcloud here: Interview with Jason Johnson on his latest book, “I Sure Hope This Book Gets Me Laid”:   And that’s it! That’s all we got!


Here’s some news! Item: Jason Johnson’s collection of essays I SURE HOPE THIS BOOK GETS ME LAID is out now, now, now! It’s funny, funny, funny! You should get it, it, it! Look for it online or ask your bookseller. Item: Jason Johnson has left Zenith News over let’s-call-it “creative differences”! His monthly column has …